Benefits Of DIY Pregnancy Tests

During pregnancy, the female body reacts by releasing a hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) into the bloodstream and is highly present in urine. DIY pregnancy tests are accurate methods and are considered reliable when conducted appropriately. Moreover, in the excitement to find out whether one is pregnant these methods are quick and affordable since they use locally available ingredients such sugar, vinegar, wine, pine sol, dandelion leaves among others by mixing them in early morning urine.


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A natural or homemade pregnancy test is a quick way of testing for positive or negative pregnancy status. Therefore, when one intends to exercise privacy one can use DIY pregnancy tests such that they can maintain it as a secret. This removes the worry that one is likely to be spotted buying a pregnancy tester from the local store. This gives one time to calculate her options and plan a surprise till when they are ready to break the news to partners, family, and friends. Moreover, one can avoid embarrassing moments when they are forced into admitting to a second party without feeling in full consent of the situation.


DIY pregnancy tests are very accurate since they use the same concept used in commercial pregnancy testers which identify the HCG hormone presence in urine. They are very reliable as they give significant observable changes such as change of color or foaming. Identification of pregnancy at early periods assists the woman to get prepared for the journey ahead. It assists one to take care of themselves by eating healthy and exercising regularly which is good for the baby.


Most DIY homemade pregnancy tests use locally available materials such as sugar, distilled vinegar, dandelion leaves, and wine among other ingredients. This can greatly save one money and the trouble of going to the hospital or buying pregnancy test kits which at times are overpriced in the local retail stores or the pharmacy. Moreover, the procedure does not involve spending money on consultation as it can be done from the house.


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DIY pregnancy tests can be done from remote locations where one has no direct access to modern medical pregnancy test kits or access to a doctor. Moreover, the accuracy of the procedure ensures that one can reliably prepare for the baby by eating well and avoiding strenuous activity that may harm the child.