Having sleepover is a very usual endeavor that we all participate in at least once in our lives. It is an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends and spend some valuable time with them. It is important to ensure that your friends stay entertained and have a good time, earning you some bragging rights and even encourage them to visit the next time you invite them. Most sleepovers tend to be boring due to lack of proper planning. Finding exciting activities to do in advance will help make a sleepover the best one. Below are some of the top activities to undertake in a sleepover and make it successful.

Top sleepover activities


The best thing to do is make sure that you take your time to select the best movie and watchsldalvsjdbvjkbsadkjvbkjsadbvkjsadvsadv it with all your friends. This is the best way to spend a sleepover is you are not sure of what to do. Movies are the primary sleepover activityand work a hundred percent of the time. Just make sure to get a movie that everyone will like. If you want to have a good time, you better watch a comedy and help everyone have a fun night full of laughter and hurting ribs.

Interesting stories

If you have the voice, and maybe a little young, you can spend the sleepover reading short stories. You will be surprised how well this works. With the right story, you can capture the imagination and attention of your friends, and treat them to a thrill of literature entertainment. This is also good as it helps build a reading culture among your friends, a trait that will be very useful in the future.

Network gaming

If you and your friends are of the technology variety, it is important that you stick to activities that are interesting to all of you. One of the best ways to get quality entertainment during your sleepover is hosting a network game. Most games have a feature where people can game over the network, working to achieve a common goal. Games such as Call of Duty and Need for Speed have options for players to play over the network.

Home karaoke

If you and your friends like to sinlsndlkvnlskdnvlskndvklsdnvlksdnvlknsdvsdvg, then a home karaoke is the best way to ensure that you have some time before
you go to sleep. With a TV or even a laptop, and a good sound system, you can have a good time, singing your favorite songs.